Monday, June 8, 2015

Final Questions

1. I feel that I have a good natural skill of composing hotographs well, I have a good creative mind that can spot a cool photo.

2. Learning all of the tools and skills of photoshop has really hepled me learn to develop my photos much better, and all of the cool asignments have shown me a lot of cool ideas for future photos i can do.

3. I really enjoyed the archeticture project, it showed me a type of photography i hadn't really looked at that much, but i was really pleased with the photos and  I think they were really cool.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Photo Reportage

 Fir Hollow, a small family owned stable out in Sherwood, is where my sister keeps her horse and gets lessons on riding.

 Fir Hollows is a very friendly community, multiple times throughout the year they plan get togethers for all the families that go to barn. 

 Looking after the horses sadly isn't the fun part, and oddly a job left mostly to the barn moms.
 Preparing the horse for the session is very important, this include putting on the saddle and all the tack, making sure everything is secure, and grooming the horse, 
 The barn dogs are a common sight at the barn, they love being around the animals (except the barn cats).
Throughout the day, with all the horses and riders, trotting around the indoor and outdoor arena, the well worn ground takes quite the beating. 
 The lessons are always taught by the older, more skilled riders of the barn, and as always safety is very important.

 The lesson can go right down until sunset, cause it sure is hard to get her off the horse sometimes.

 Once the lesson is over, it's necessary to clean up the horse and make sure sure all the gear is safely stored away.
Sadly, even amidst hard work and dedication, problems can arise. The tournament she was training for, sadly had to be cancelled because of a EHV-1 outbreak between horses.